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I’m Tarika and ‘To the T’ is (now) an award-winning food and baking blog that I started in 2013 merely to capture things that inspired me and tried to express myself beyond my day job.

I started baking around mid-2012 when I took a break from work and found myself falling in love with it. The blog started out as a food and lifestyle blog back in 2013, but by the end of that year, was strictly a food blog as I immersed myself in all aspects of food blogging.

After working as a Celebrity Manager most of my life, I took the plunge to face the camera in 2014 when I started shooting recipe videos for Rajshri Media’s ‘Get Curried’ channel on YouTube under the show ‘My Recipe Book with Tarika’. The name was symbolic to me, and reminded me of the way our Mothers and Grandmothers jotted down recipes or tore out clippings from newspapers and magazines to make their own ‘recipe book’ – a collection of prized recipes they treasured, tested and perfected over the years. A channel that started from scratch with me as one of their hosts, boasted of over 30,000 subscribers by the time my annual contract was up. I now do videos on my own channel and for The Quint too.

My blog, ‘To the T’ – an ode to getting things right ‘to the t’ in recipes, won the Best Baking Blog Award (by Food Bloggers Association of India) in 2015 and was a runner-up in the same category in 2014. What made these awards truly special for me was that it acknowledged recognition from my fellow food bloggers, esteemed jury members such as Rachel Allen, Vicky Ratnani (always adored him), Sanjeev Kapoor, Rashmi Uday Singh and Odette Macarenhas and YOU, my readers!

Apart from loads of freelance writing and recipe development, you can catch me in this Dove ad here and also find my work as one of the founding members of KitchenAid India’s Culinary Council, on their website. Thanks to all the encouragement from you guys, I now conduct classes too. Drop me a line at – for me to add you to my mailing list!

I’ve always tried to maintain this blog as a more personal space, where I talk freely about life, the books I read, things that are on my mind, it is and always will be the driving force for me, so I really appreciate you dropping by! I hope to give you a glimpse of my life in Mumbai and hope that you’ll stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram too! Also, I must tell you that comments and emails make me really happy, just saying, no pressure (wink,wink)!


I am based in Mumbai, India. If you wish to get in touch with me for any business queries, sponsorship opportunities or P.R., please write to me at this email address –


Please note, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, that you may NOT use any of the pictures or content published on this site without my prior written consent.

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