All about Sushi at Kanpai Lounge Bar

This weekend was a bit of a first for me, trying out live videos on Facebook and I want to give a big shout out to all of you for watching and chatting with me. I had never planned to do YouTube videos, the opportunity came my way and now I realize just how much I love shooting recipes. Live videos just takes things a notch higher and I feel the same sort of excitement doing these videos as I do while shooting recipes. If you’d like to see what I’ve been up to, head here to the Facebook page…

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Juicy Thai Chicken Satay & ‘Johnnie in Asia’ Cocktail

These really are the juiciest, most moist Chicken Satay skewers! The marinade is abundant with spices that give it a distinct Thai flavour. Paired with a unique cocktail created by the team at Johnnie Walker Red Label that has a jaggery & ginger syrup and kaffir lime leaves. This is what summer parties should be about, right? 

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Easy Greek Tzatziki Dip & ‘The Red Fizz’ Cocktail

 Tzatziki is traditionally used as a sauce in Greek Cuisine, but I find that it makes for an awesome ‘dip’ too, especially for summer because it’s got cucumber that’s so cooling. It’s perhaps one of the easiest homemade / DIY recipes that’s super healthy too! Of course, the humble dill is the hero of this Tzatziki. Here, it’s paired with an awesome cocktail made with Johnnie Walker Red Label – The Red Fizz! These are the sort of recipes you want on hand to feed a crowd, but are really easy and effortless for entertaining at home.

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Make your way to the #BaoWowFestival!

It’s amazing how soft, pillow-y baos _have become so popular in the land of _paos! I’d eaten baos abroad but when The Fatty Bao opened in Mumbai last year, it was the first time that I tried them in Mumbai. Since then, baos have become so popular and it’s really heartening to see the ‘Indian C

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Indian Food Bloggers Awards 2014!

You’ve read far too my of many of my posts to know by now that I’m no keeper of suspense or drama… if I’m excited about something I’ve made, my very first sentence gives away my excitement completely! So when you see a beaming picture of me with a post title about awards, I just can’t wait to tell y

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