Video: Baked Onion Rings

It’s no secret that my love for baking is what drew me to the kitchen. After spending the better part of my twenties away from the kitchen and excelling only in pasta-making, I only took to the kitchen with a vengeance after I took a sabbatical from work. Quite honestly, it was my quest to bake just

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Video: Pepperoni Pizza

I couldn’t just tell you how to make thin-crust pizza base at home without giving you a recipe for a mouthwatering pizza, right? Mid-week indulgence just got a tad bit better with this gleaming Pepperoni Pizza! I like to keep things sim

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Video: Overnight Oats

You know how kids are always repelled by green leafy vegetables? Yeah, well I wasn’t one of them … loved spinach, ate the beetroot and was weirdly repulsed by ‘biryani’ only because I thought it was strange-sounding. No? You don’t think so?

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Video: Pasta Carbonara

I’ve been making Pasta Carbonara for ages, but never shared the recipe on the blog, because some things are just better described in a video – working quickly to drain the pasta and tossing it swiftly with the egg & cheese mixture – words would fall short here!

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Video: Fish en Papillote

Cooking ‘en papillote’ sounds all fancy, but it’s perhaps the easiest meal that I cook for myself when I’m short of time. A bunch of veggies, a filet of fish all wrapped up in parchment paper and on my plate in 20 minutes! Have I tempted you enough? Check out this new video up on Get Curried –

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Video: Chocolate Cake (No eggs, no butter)

Chocolate cake doesn’t always have to be sinful, and I have this recipe to prove it! A light batter results in a moist and delicate-crumbed cake. This is a vegan recipe, so the ganache gets replaced with a chocolate glaze that adds a beautiful sheen. If you’d like to read the text of the recipe, her

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