Cherry Pie

When it comes to Cherry Pie, I prefer using fresh and seasonal cherries and an all-butter crust made from scratch! The slightly tart cherries, turn syrupy and sweet, plus a flaky buttermilk crust…. have I got you drooling already? Plus, it’s an all-vegetarian pastry crust!

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Roasted Plum Buttermilk Cake

This is no ordinary Buttermilk Cake, it’s moist with a tender crumb and has no butter. Instead, it is made with flavourless canola oil. The combination of buttermilk and oil is what sets this cake apart! And since fresh fruits are my favourite to work with, I’ve roasted some fresh plums with some brown sugar to extract maximum flavour! Forget cobblers and crumbles, this is how you’ll want to eat fresh plums when they are in season!

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