apple cider vinegar

Bacon & Brussel Sprouts Salad

Do you know what ‘kachumber’ is? It’s a sort of daily salad that accompanies Indian meals. Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, onions and dressed with something tangy (usually lemon juice), some chillies and salt and pepper. Simple, uncomplicated, but not something that you can make a meal of. But th

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Tomato and Cheddar Pie

The time after a vacation is the toughest for me to get back to work and re-align my energies. Refreshed with new experiences, I’m usually lost dreaming up new recipes and projects while cheekily ignoring the dishes piled up in the sink. Really… the humdrum can wait! But this time, it’s just been ‘b

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Red Radish Salad tossed with Apple Cider Vinegar &Parsley

For as long as I can remember, radish seasoned with salt and tossed in lemon juice, has been our winter staple ‘salad’ that accompanies Sunday lunch. Its frequency makes it a comforting ritual. A ritual that I wouldn’t dare disturb, but one that I’ve been to itching to tinker with! I had to tread ca

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