Thai-style Prawn Burgers

What makes a burger ‘Thai-Style’? Well it’s the use of herbs and spices that are the mainstay of Thai food! These Thai Style burgers are made with prawns, but you could use shrimps too. Shrimp and Prawn Burgers are a great alternative to Meat Burgers. Yay for seafood!

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Arugula and Coriander Pesto Sauce

If you’re looking for an alternative to the regular basil-pine nut pesto, then this arugula and cilantro (coriander as we like to call it in India) Pesto is a refreshing change! Walnuts are often used even in traditional pesto, instead of pine nuts (as they can be expensive).

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Lemon-Herb Pearled Barley Risotto

Oops I did it again! You’ve seen me flout traditional risotto rules when I made Red Rice Risotto and now I’m at it… again! I’ve been experimenting with slightly healthy substitutes for Arborio rice while making risotto, mostly because r

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