I like to describe my version of guacamole with mango and pomegranate seeds as a ‘tropical’ guacamole… one that isn’t sweet despite the addition of fruits. This is what easy summer cooking should be about, right?

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The easiest Chocolate Orange Mousse you’ll ever make!

I’d once heard Cindy Crawford talk about how after the indulgence of Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, she likes Valentine’s Day to be a bit low key – you know, special (like a bunch of roses), but not over the top. I’m not one for heart-shaped cards either, but over the last couple of years I’

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Chocolate Pudding: No milk, cream or eggs

This Chocolate Pudding was polished off, bowls & jar licked clean within 20 minutes of me taking pictures of it for the blog! While my recipe very calmly tells you that it serves 3 people, that is where all the tranquillity ends because in my house, this pudding was consumed by about 5 chocoholi

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Vietnamese- inspired Avocado Smoothie

Hello! Here it is, another long-ish weekend with another biggie movie sequel that hits the theatres. Did you get on to the “express” bandwagon last week? Are you going to the theatre “dobara” now? Me? I’m just skipping breakfast these days aaand waiting for _[Jobs, ](

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