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Herb and Cheese Muffins

A recluse like me needs the slightest hint of an excuse to stay home and curl up with a book instead of going out. And lately, I’ve had enough books on my bedside to make a nightstand out of my books! You guys, I’m literally drowning in books! But it’s not such a bad thing if I surface with a recipe

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Rakhi Special – Chocolate Earl Grey Cake!

If chocolates have slowly made their way to a Rakshabandhan thali, can chocolate cake be far behind? I think of this Chocolate Earl Grey Cake as the perfect balance between an innate love for chocolate with hints of a mature liking for earl grey – perfect for bridging the seven year age gap between my cousin and me! Given the large size of this cake, the leftovers are great for packing along in your ‘dabba’ if you are headed to work and aren’t lucky enough to have the day off. It’s almost like an after party!

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Roasted Plum Buttermilk Cake

This is no ordinary Buttermilk Cake, it’s moist with a tender crumb and has no butter. Instead, it is made with flavourless canola oil. The combination of buttermilk and oil is what sets this cake apart! And since fresh fruits are my favourite to work with, I’ve roasted some fresh plums with some brown sugar to extract maximum flavour! Forget cobblers and crumbles, this is how you’ll want to eat fresh plums when they are in season!

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