balsamic vinegar

Roasted Strawberries

I’m a self-confessed strawberry fan, and as much as I like fruits to be seasonal, there’s a secret part of me that wishes for strawberries to stay all year round! But then, look what happened to apples… they’re now available all year rou

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A page turner no more: Fennel and Apple Salad

Do you have a page-turner ingredient? You know, a slightly unfamiliar perhaps, (but not always) exotic ingredient that you spot in a recipe and your brain automatically thunders, “NEXT!” My brain just yells “pudhe chalaa” (Marathi for move forward) so loudly that my fingers feebly comply and turn

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Chocolate Pudding: No milk, cream or eggs

This Chocolate Pudding was polished off, bowls & jar licked clean within 20 minutes of me taking pictures of it for the blog! While my recipe very calmly tells you that it serves 3 people, that is where all the tranquillity ends because in my house, this pudding was consumed by about 5 chocoholi

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