black pepper

Chicken Manchurian (Indo Chinese Spicy Chicken)

The best Restaurant-style Chicken Manchurian with Gravy that you can make at home in under 30 minutes! There’s Chinese food, and then there’s Indian Chinese, agreed? Spicy, no added MSG, just loads of flavour that relies on ingredients that you probably already have at home – this Chicken Manchurian comes together in one pot and is my slightly healthier version.

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Easy One Pot Rice Dish – Tehri or Taheri from Uttar Pradesh

 A one pot rice dish that is hearty, fragrant with spices full of vegetables – that’s Tehri or Taheri for you! My version is cooked in mustard oil which adds so much flavour; and a bunch of spices. This one pot rice dish hails from the Northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and what I love about it is how you can make it your own by using your favourite vegetables, or leftover veggies from your refrigerator!

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Cocktail Hour: Muddle Puddle

I was scrolling through my list of recipes on the blog, (yes I need to index them far better, I guess that’s what New Year resolutions are for), and noticed the rather conspicuous absence of an unashamedly boozy cocktail recipe. Now, I’ve been known to make some seriously potent Sangria for lazy Sunday luncheons, but with the festive spirit finally getting to me, (there are some mouth-watering Christmas dinner discussions underway,) I wanted take things up a notch and work with gorgeous seasonal berries paired with some… hold your breath… TEQUILA!

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A Quickie Caesar Salad

Let’s start my first post with a confession… a confession about an obsession. I’m fanatically obsessed with Caesar Salad. I think I’ve tried it at almost every restaurant that I’ve been to in that last two years. That does qualify as an obsession, right? But, this little beauty from Salt Water Café

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