Double Chocolate Chestnut Flour Cookies

Chestnut flour is my latest jam! No, seriously, I’ve been stirring it into most things that I’ve baked lately and I absolutely love its slightly nutty, subtly sweet flavour. And for this latest experiment in my kitchen, I must thank the [Equal Streets](

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Diwali baking: Recipe for Nankhatai

It’s the same every year isn’t it? You try to get organised ahead of time to deal with the Diwali madness, but it all comes down to a hectic few days. I did manage to get a head start on Diwali baking this year, but completely forgot that Diwali falls over a long weekend this year… one that beckons

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Brown Butter and Ricotta Pancakes

Drenched in maple syrup or honey, these pancakes are the perfect way to bribe me out of bed on a cool, snuggly Sunday morning. Add some crisp bacon to the plate and I’d have little on my mind other than breakfast in bed! And in my head, Gary Mehigan (from MasterChef Australia) and I must totally be

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Sage, Polenta & Parmesan Madeleines

Gotcha! A savoury surprise in what is traditionally baked and served as a sweet tea-time cake! Let’s just say I’m trying to steer clear of the sugar zone given the indulgent Diwali and Christmas season that beckons and made these cute little hors d’oeuvres instead (that’s right, I just used ‘cute’

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Rakhi Special – Chocolate Earl Grey Cake!

If chocolates have slowly made their way to a Rakshabandhan thali, can chocolate cake be far behind? I think of this Chocolate Earl Grey Cake as the perfect balance between an innate love for chocolate with hints of a mature liking for earl grey – perfect for bridging the seven year age gap between my cousin and me! Given the large size of this cake, the leftovers are great for packing along in your ‘dabba’ if you are headed to work and aren’t lucky enough to have the day off. It’s almost like an after party!

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