dark chocolate

Chocolate Nankhatai – Indian Shortbread Cookies made with ghee

 Nankhatai are Indian shortbread cookies that are made with clarified butter or ghee instead of butter and get a rich flavour with the addition of chickpea flour or beasn. I make mine a tad bit more special with the addition of chocolate chunks and cardamom powder. These are eggless and are perfect festive cookies or desserts. They store well in an air tight container 

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Chocolate ‘Old Monk’ Rum Balls (No-Bake)

 Leftover chocolate cake gets a major makeover when you add some dark rum, raisins that have been soaked in rum (it’s all about rum, here) and coat it with some dark chocolate. For me, the ONLY rum for rum balls has to be Old Monk, and there’s a bit of condensed milk in there too!

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Triple Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies

Cocoa powder, melted chocolate and chocolate chips- it’s the season to indulge and these Triple Chocolate Buckwheat Cookies really hit the spot. I also have a special discount for Zomato users in India & the UAE so hang on till the end of this post!

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2 – ingredient Chocolate Mousse

This Chocolate Mousse is made with just Chocolate and water, and is the sort of molecular gastronomy that you can try easily at home. This is a Chocolate Mousse meant exclusively for dark chocolate lovers, as you will see that I haven’t added any sugar. And no, the water won’t make the chocolate seize here! All thanks to Herve This!

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Chocolate Coated Strawberries

Two posts on the trot with strawberries… don’t worry, I’m still working with other ingredients, I promise! February always does this to me… I just want to eat as many strawberries as I possibly can before the season ends. As I write this, I have a boxful of strawberries in my fridge, not waiting t

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Chocolate Rice Crispy Treats (made with Puffed Rice)

“Tcho-co-late!” I don’t think I’ll ever let my nephew, who is just two-and-a-half years old right now, forget that after learning to call out to his parents, it was chocolate that he learned to identify next. Of course, in a food-crazy household like ours, this is a welcome sign. The little darling

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