Mushroom, Leek & Fennel Galette

It’s usually during these winter months that I love baking pies, but make no mistake, I love eating them all year round. The cold cubes of butter and rolling of the pastry seem so much more manageable sans the sweltering heat in my Mumbai kitchen. Normally, I can’t ever get away with talking a

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A page turner no more: Fennel and Apple Salad

Do you have a page-turner ingredient? You know, a slightly unfamiliar perhaps, (but not always) exotic ingredient that you spot in a recipe and your brain automatically thunders, “NEXT!” My brain just yells “pudhe chalaa” (Marathi for move forward) so loudly that my fingers feebly comply and turn

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Fennel Soup

Fennel seeds are such a mainstay of Indian cooking that I’m always surprised when I don’t see more fennel bulbs cropping up in everyday food. If there’s ever a fragrance of a herb that I want lingering on me after I’m done cooking, it’s definitely that of fennel frond. Finely sliced, uncooked fennel

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