maple syrup

Roasted Strawberries

I’m a self-confessed strawberry fan, and as much as I like fruits to be seasonal, there’s a secret part of me that wishes for strawberries to stay all year round! But then, look what happened to apples… they’re now available all year rou

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Purple Kohlrabi (Ganth Gobi) & Apple Slaw-Salad

I’ve had the strangest week with my refrigerator, and I’m pretty sure you’ve had days too when for no apparent reason, the contents of the vegetable crisper will be absolutely frozen over, but the popsicles in the freezer just won’t set? The settings seemed fine, but I did my share of the customary

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Apricot Tart (No-bake; made with a nut crust)

As much as I love a butter-y, flaky tart crust, there are times when I dial things down to make a version of tart where the crust is made of nuts, is sweetened with dates and the fruits shine with just a drizzle of maple syrup. I’ve used apricots here, but feel free to use peaches, nectarines, mangoes, plums or any stone fruit of your choice!

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The easiest Chocolate Orange Mousse you’ll ever make!

I’d once heard Cindy Crawford talk about how after the indulgence of Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, she likes Valentine’s Day to be a bit low key – you know, special (like a bunch of roses), but not over the top. I’m not one for heart-shaped cards either, but over the last couple of years I’

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Brown Butter and Ricotta Pancakes

Drenched in maple syrup or honey, these pancakes are the perfect way to bribe me out of bed on a cool, snuggly Sunday morning. Add some crisp bacon to the plate and I’d have little on my mind other than breakfast in bed! And in my head, Gary Mehigan (from MasterChef Australia) and I must totally be

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