Cherry Pie

When it comes to Cherry Pie, I prefer using fresh and seasonal cherries and an all-butter crust made from scratch! The slightly tart cherries, turn syrupy and sweet, plus a flaky buttermilk crust…. have I got you drooling already? Plus, it’s an all-vegetarian pastry crust!

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Cupcakes with ‘Chikki’ Cream Cheese Frosting

Pin it, bookmark it, share it on my timeline or ‘favourite it’ – that’s how I’m used to saving recipes and clippings online. I don’t mean to sound archaic, but that’s such a far cry from the very first time my ‘Amma’ made me jot down a recipe in a diary that Papa had designated as one I was allowed

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Strawberry Cake

December air is always filled with so many things… the weight of the year gone by, the expectations of the year to come, celebrations with friends and family who make their way back home for the holidays and a general slowing down of pace in the last few days of the year. Taking time off work in Dec

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Brown Butter and Ricotta Pancakes

Drenched in maple syrup or honey, these pancakes are the perfect way to bribe me out of bed on a cool, snuggly Sunday morning. Add some crisp bacon to the plate and I’d have little on my mind other than breakfast in bed! And in my head, Gary Mehigan (from MasterChef Australia) and I must totally be

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How to make Ricotta at home!

I love good cheese, but dishing out nearly Rs. 500 for Ricotta in these times of fluctuating, skyrocketing prices for basic veggies just seems to be burning a hole in my pocket! I’ll loosely borrow from Heston Blumenthal’s appearance on MasterChef Australia, when he said that we eat with our sense

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Fennel Soup

Fennel seeds are such a mainstay of Indian cooking that I’m always surprised when I don’t see more fennel bulbs cropping up in everyday food. If there’s ever a fragrance of a herb that I want lingering on me after I’m done cooking, it’s definitely that of fennel frond. Finely sliced, uncooked fennel

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