Cauliflower Tabbouleh

 My spin on this classic Middle Eastern salad, is with Cauliflower grains instead of Bulgar or couscous. Cauliflower ‘rice’ has been a trending recipe on the internet for the last few years, with many even making cauliflower fried ‘rice’. This is an innovative cauliflower recipe, perfect if you’re on a paleo diet, vegetarian or vegan. My version uses cauliflower ‘florets’ or ‘grains’ in a manner that even veggie haters and picky eaters will be surprised with and love!

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My Pepper Tap Review and Recipe for Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

To say it briefly, lately, my life has been a mess. Shifting homes is turning out to be way more chaotic than I had ever imagined. I guess, for people like me who work from home, the impact is a bit more because one ends up feeling uprooted on the work front too. So when the folks at PepperTap reach

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Purple Kohlrabi (Ganth Gobi) & Apple Slaw-Salad

I’ve had the strangest week with my refrigerator, and I’m pretty sure you’ve had days too when for no apparent reason, the contents of the vegetable crisper will be absolutely frozen over, but the popsicles in the freezer just won’t set? The settings seemed fine, but I did my share of the customary

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Chicken Stroganoff

So what do Moms want on Mother’s Day? Scented candles, a monogrammed purse, a book or a holiday even? Quite frankly, I don’t have the right answer; at best I juggle between such options every year because my Mom doesn’t lead me on to anything she might want! But this year, I’m getting a little ahead

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Red Radish Salad tossed with Apple Cider Vinegar &Parsley

For as long as I can remember, radish seasoned with salt and tossed in lemon juice, has been our winter staple ‘salad’ that accompanies Sunday lunch. Its frequency makes it a comforting ritual. A ritual that I wouldn’t dare disturb, but one that I’ve been to itching to tinker with! I had to tread ca

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