Rakhi Special – Chocolate Earl Grey Cake!

If chocolates have slowly made their way to a Rakshabandhan thali, can chocolate cake be far behind? I think of this Chocolate Earl Grey Cake as the perfect balance between an innate love for chocolate with hints of a mature liking for earl grey – perfect for bridging the seven year age gap between my cousin and me! Given the large size of this cake, the leftovers are great for packing along in your ‘dabba’ if you are headed to work and aren’t lucky enough to have the day off. It’s almost like an after party!

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Onion and Anchovy Galette

I was the sort of art student who couldn’t draw to save her life! I’m talking straight lines with a ruler gone awry, people. My pie-rolling skills clearly seem to be descendants of this legacy. But the beauty of this Provencal inspired Onion and Anchovy Galette lies in its rusticity. Which means tha

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Zucchini Soup

If you were to scroll through the food posts on this blog, you’d be tempted to believe that dessert is all I ever eat. I mean, I even have a breakfast dessert recipe, for sweet tooth’s sake! Sure, I try to put a h

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Sorcery in the Kitchen: Red Velvet Cupcakes

I’ve always believed in magic… ‘The Faraway Tree’ kind of magic, and maybe that’s the reason why I love baking so much. There’s something about the alchemy of baking that makes it seem like it’s been touched by a sorcerer’s wand. Like the reaction b

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A Quickie Caesar Salad

Let’s start my first post with a confession… a confession about an obsession. I’m fanatically obsessed with Caesar Salad. I think I’ve tried it at almost every restaurant that I’ve been to in that last two years. That does qualify as an obsession, right? But, this little beauty from Salt Water Café

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