Rich, buttery brioche that can pass-off as a bread-cake! Baked it for Papa Bear’s birthday with whatever I could find at home – used Amul butter, raisins soaked in Frooti and gondhoraj zest. It’s the perfect cake for a bread lover and great for the holidays when you can leave this at the counter to snack on all day long!

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Rye Flour Dinner Rolls

Soft, homemade dinner rolls made a tad bit healthy with the addition of light rye flour… yes I’m keeping up with the eating healthy habits I promised myself as 2015 drew to an end. Despite all the home shifting and crazy amount of travel that can sum up 2016 so far for me, I’ve been trying to eat mi

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Pesto rolls

While we’re all dying in the crazy heat in Mumbai, I think I might have stumbled upon a silver lining to this crazy situation… bread making! Any kind of yeasted dough rises like a dream in this hot and humid weather, making this the ideal weather to bake homemade breads. I usually cover the dough wi

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Homemade Pizza Dough

I’ve been teasing you on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with pictures of my experiments with homemade pizza dough for a while now. Active dry yeast, fresh yeast, soft crust, tinkering wit

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English Muffins

I love the little changes in uh-so-boring routines that leave you wondering – “Duh! Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” Ditching my morning dose of caffeine is NOT one of them. But pan cooked bread, a.k.a. these English Muffins is certainly one of them. You’ll often hear of English Muffins being d

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